What is Divorce or Separation Mediation?

What is divorce or separation mediation? When a married couple, or for that matter a common-law couple, wish to separate there are many things to be worked out. These include property, support, division of financial assets and household belongings, as well as creating a parenting plan, if the couple has children. At Resolution Law our experienced divorce mediators meet with the parties to resolve all the issues and put them into a Separation Agreement. When everything is agreed a Separation is drawn up, and when that is signed the parties are then legally separated. Mediation can be an incredibly efficient and cost-effective process to reach a resolution of all issues. At Resolution Law we focus on the collaborative resolution of family disputes. We use the new processes set out in the recent Family Law Act of British Columbia. This is a no-court approach that has been extremely effective. These techniques are directed at reaching agreements so that resolving family legal disputes can be confidential, efficient, less costly, and also help to shield children from the worst effects of family break-up. Contrast this to a traditional 'adversarial' approach which lasts longer, and can cost much more and take a large toll on the family relationship including any children. Doug Chalke, Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator, has been helping families in British Columbia to resolve disputes for the past 30 years. Whether the family is going through separation and divorce, having problems within a family business, or are in disagreement over an inheritance and estate, these problems can be frequently resolved by sitting down with an experienced mediator. When Doug Chalke is working as a mediator, he uses a co-mediation model and works together with his wife, Angie Chalke. Together they bring a unique combination of talent and experience which has led to much of their success over the past 25 years. Resolution Law has the family's best interest in mind and with their cooperative methods oftentimes not only does the dispute get resolved amicably but all parties are in a position to work more effectively with each other into the future, which is win/win for everyone involved. They also have vast experience in other matters such as adoption, cohabitation agreements, marriage agreements, and negotiation and legal advice. Located at the stunning Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver's newest business centre - Waterfront Business Centre, Resolution Law is easily accessible from downtown Vancouver via Seabus 15 minutes away, and is served by transit in North Vancouver making their services very accessible to all.

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