Collaborative Law Firm Opens New Office To Serve Vancouver Families

North Vancouver Law Firm opens new office in Lonsdale Quay area to serve clients experiencing legal issues with separation and divorce, inheritance and family business problems.

A North Vancouver law firm, Resolution Law, dedicated to using the new out-of-court collaborative tools in British Columbia law, has opened office premises convenient to Vancouver and North Shore families.

Resolution Law's Doug Chalke believes the firm provides an opportunity for families with legal needs: "The idea behind Resolution Law is to combine the convenience of a one stop location with the range of out-of-court services needed to meet the needs of families facing legal problems such as separation and divorce, inheritance and family business problems."

British Columbia law has changed over the past decade to reflect the growing interest by families in resolving their legal problems outside of a courtroom. For example, the new Family Law Act provides that out-of-court resolution is the preferred method of settling disputes that arise when couples separate.

Leading the firm is lawyer, Doug Chalke, who has utilized out-of-court solutions in family and estate matters for 30 years. He believes that collaborative law is an idea whose time has come: "For three decades I have worked with families experiencing legal problems. I am convinced that collaborative outcomes work best for families. Resolution Law is a firm dedicated to exploring those solutions."

In addition to being a mediator, Doug Chalke has been a family lawyer in Vancouver and the North Shore for the past 30 years. In most cases his "no court" approach to resolving family problems has helped family members maintain the ability to continue to see each other and communicate with each other in the future at family events. Prior to working at Resolution Law he was the principal of the law firm, Chalke & Co, a family law firm focusing on the collaborative resolution of family law disputes.

Further adding to the benefit of using Resolution Law is its convenient location at Lonsdale Quay, adjacent to the Seabus in North Vancouver. Multiple parking locations are close by.

Read the full article here.

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