Negotiation & Legal Advice

The Family Law Act takes a new approach to how lawyers and other professionals are meant to resolve family disputes. It is an attempt to get away from the court system as the first place to go and to make it the last place to resolve family disputes. As a result the law provides for several modern approaches to make family separation less adversarial, less chaotic, and more of a planned and safer process.


At Resolution Law we support these processes and provide access to them for our clients. Which approach is best for you and your family? Is it negotiation, or mediation, or arbitration, or collaborative lawyer meetings?


We know that family problems can be consuming and sometimes chaotic. At your initial meeting we will help you sort out which path is best for you.


For most of the legal services at Resolution Law we can give you a fixed cost estimate so that you are able to know in advance the approximate cost of resolving issues in dispute.

Negotiation & Legal Advice Doug Chalk Lawyer