Marriage & Pre-Nuptial Agreements

We help individuals reach an agreement about their property rights when they are going to become married, or are already married and living together and thinking about how the law will affect them as a married couple.


The law is complex and it is more important today than ever before to reach agreement about your assets before the law imposes a solution on you.A legal agreement can be made either before you are married (a Pre-Nuptial Agreement) or after you are married (a Marriage Agreement). In some cases we can see couples together and mediate any conflicts or disputes that arise in these discussions.


Benefits of Premarital Agreement Mediation:


  • Puts you on the same page before you get married so you stay on the same page (hopefully).

  • Takes both partner's needs and wishes into account.

  • Improves communication on important issues like finances and planning a family.

Marriage & Pre- Nuptial Agreement Lawyer Vancouver

For most people, talking about a premarital agreement is hard. Using an experienced mediator can be helpful to the discussions in many ways. Premarital mediation facilitates communication so that you can have a balanced, respectful discussion which ensures that your Pre-Nuptial Agreement is tailored to your mutual and individual needs.