Inheritance & Estate Disputes

When it comes to sorting out an estate many families get into a dispute over money or other things. We can help to resolve these disputes with mediation and negotiation. In our experience, estate and will disputes almost always resolve in mediation. It is an efficient and effective alternative to estate litigation, and most importantly can lead to a positive outcome with continuing relationships for the future.


If you are in a dispute over an inheritance or over the benefit you or another family member is receiving under a Will, hiring a mediator can be one of the smartest ways to come to a solution. Over the past 15 years the estate and inheritance mediations which we have mediated have resulted in the parties reaching a full agreement.


Unfortunately too many families get sidetracked and become involved in the adversarial and trial process. As a result, large amounts of the estate can get used up in legal and trial costs. If you or someone you know is involved in a dispute over an inheritance, please call us for an initial consultation so that we can provide you with a process to promptly and efficiently resolve the estate dispute by agreement.

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