Family Business Disputes

Disputes involving your family business can be complex and difficult to sort out. Over the past 25 years, Doug and Angie Chalke have met with owners of family businesses and family members to help resolve disputes and get the family business back on track.


Family run businesses have all of the usual problems encountered by business people everywhere. Sometimes they also have problems resulting from family dynamics and relationships. It is at times like these when our experience at Resolution Law can be helpful. With our down-to-earth approach, and thirty years’ experience helping families sort out every kind of legal, financial and emotional problem that you can imagine, we can help your family.  


Benefits of Family Business Mediation:


  • Resolving the problems and allowing the parties to put their energies back into making the business work;

  • Reorganizing the business and evolve so that people can move ahead and still be able to have amicable relationships at family events in the future; or

  • Structuring and organizing ways for the next generation to take over running the family business.


Family Business Disputes Layer