Divorce & Separation Mediation

Divorce mediation is where you and your spouse, together with a mediator, discuss the issues involved in your separation or divorce. These include: parenting issues, financial support and property division in order to reach a resolution of these issues. We help you work towards a reasonable solution. Mediation is both cost effective and time efficient, disputes can be settled quickly, and the dispute remains private.


Benefits of Divorce & Separation Mediation:


  • Mediation is both cost effective & time efficient.

  • Disputes can be settled quickly.

  • An agreement can be reached with less acrimony and ill will.

  • The dispute remains private.

  • Participants retain control of the agenda and outcome of the mediation.

  • Settlement options are developed and discussed to be sure they meet everyone’s goals.

  • Mediation is less expensive than a court trial.


Divorce & Separation Mediation - Doug Chalke Lawyer