Doug Chalke

Doug Chalke Collaborative Lawyer & Mediator

Doug Chalke, Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator, has been helping families in British Columbia to resolve disputes for the past 30 years. Whether the family is going through separation and divorce, having problems within a family business, or are in disagreement over an inheritance, these problems can be frequently resolved by sitting down with an experienced mediator.


Over the past thirty years Doug Chalke has had several thousand meetings with families in a dispute.  In most cases, family members are able to resolve the dispute within a few meetings. These maintain everyone’s privacy, can be conducted efficiently, and at times convenient to everyone.  Even minor court applications can result in Judges’ decision which are reported and can be read on the internet.  Most hearings and trials are open to the public. Mediation solves these privacy concerns.


In addition to being a mediator, Doug Chalke has been a family lawyer in Vancouver and the North Shore for the past 30 years. In most cases his “no court” approach to resolving family problems has helped family members maintain the ability to continue to see each other and communicate with each other in the future at family events.  Prior to working at Resolution Law he was the principal of the law firm, Chalke & Co, a family law firm focusing on the collaborative resolution of family law disputes. 


When Doug Chalke is working as a mediator, he uses a co-mediation model and works together with his wife, Angie Chalke. Together they bring a unique combination of talent and experience which has led to much of their success over the past 25 years. Experience shows that families feel more comfortable when there is a balance of male and female participants and mediators.  Participants feel less outnumbered and overwhelmed. The primary feedback which Doug and Angie have received for the past 25 years is: “We’re so glad that you were both there in the mediation meetings. It made all the difference.”


Doug Chalke is a certified Family Law Mediator, a member of the B.C. Mediation Roster, a member of Family Mediation Canada, the Law Society of British Columbia, and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.


Angie Chalke is a Chartered Mediator and a member of the British Columbia Arbitration and Mediation Institute.  


Together they bring a quarter century of successfully mediating with families to reach agreements.

Our goal is to help you and your spouse or partner to create an agreement that will last and build positively for the future (i.e. an agreement that protects your legal rights and sets out a process to manage future decision making or conflict).

Angie Chalke Chartered Mediator